Emergency Phone Policy

Emergency Out of Hours Phone Policy

The emergency phone number is designed to give existing tenants a point of contact when a maintenance issue occurs in their property which cannot wait until the next working day. These maintenance issues will have a detrimental effect on the property if they are not dealt with urgently.

For example:

Water Ingress

If water is pouring into the property and cannot be stopped temporarily by isolating the flow using the appropriate stopcock

Heating Issues

If you have no heating or hot water and the pressure on the boiler is either not the source of the problem or cannot be topped up

Matters which will not be dealt with out of hours:


We are unable to supply spare keys out of hours. If you have locked yourself out of the property then you must either wait until the office opens or instruct a locksmith at your own expense. Generally, it is not necessary for locksmiths to change locks in such circumstances, however, if this does happen you must supply a copy of the new key to Contempo Lettings immediately.

Water Ingress

Leaking taps where the water has unlimited opportunity to drain away should be reported during office hours.

Heating Issues

If your boiler is not working, please first check if the pressure needs topped up. We regret that we are unable to send a contractor to top up pressure on boilers.

Smell of Gas

If you smell gas, please contact Transco immediately by calling 0800 111 999. Do not switch on any electrical switches and do not ignite any naked flames

Break in or Fire

Please contact the emergency services